10 September 2009

Education and Lifelong Learning

A couple of weeks ago my Visiting Teachers stopped by to share the monthly message with me. I thought it was a great message to share, especially as school is starting, and now that Paul is back in classes.

D&C 93:36-37:
“The glory of God is intelligence,
or, in other words, light and truth.
Light and truth forsake that evil one.”

“We will have to make some hard choices of how we use our time. … But remember, you are interested in education, not just for mortal life but for eternal life. When you see that reality clearly with spiritual sight, you will put spiritual learning first and yet not slight the secular learning. … Insatiable curiosity will be our hallmark”
~President Henry B. Eyring

When we first got married my husband and I talked about our education. As it came down to it we decided that we would do whatever it took to allow both of us to go to school and continue in our education. It is up to all of us individually, there are numerous reasons to not continue in education. I am so excited to start our family and be a mother. While others have told me that I am putting my education first instead of my family, there is no better way to show my family how much I love them then by finishing my education and being an example to them. I hope to pass on my love of learning to my kids, to help afford them every opportunity. The prophets have cautioned us to get an education for a number of reasons. Until we have our family I will be able to work and support my husband as he finishes school and moves onto Grad School. I know of a family where the husband got into a vehicle accident that was so bad he is paralyzed now and his wife has had to go back to work to support their family. Our neighbor, who I do not believe is much older than me, just lost her husband. For these reasons, and others like them, I wanted to finish school so that I would be able to, if the day comes, provide a good living for my family.

I love that my mom was a stay-at-home mom. She was always there when we left for school and there when we got home. During the day she had many hobbies that she worked on to keep herself busy along with all of the day to day. Now that her kids are grown she has gone back to school to continue her education. She has been a great example to me of a caring, loving wife and mother. Someone who cares deeply for everyone and wants to live her life the way that she should.

We are told what a sacred responsibility it is to be a wife and mother and that it is better that we raise our kids instead of leaving that up to others while we get caught up in the world - always wanting bigger and better than the next person. What better way is there is there to teach my kids then to be an example to them.

“Lifelong learning is essential to the vitality of the human mind, body, and soul. It enhances self-worth and self-actuation. Lifelong learning is invigorating mentally and is a great defense against aging, depression, and self-doubt”

I hope that everyone has an opportunity to read the article. Even now I have signed up for an institute class to continue in my Gospel education.


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