06 July 2010

A Fun Book Mark

When Twilight first came out I borrowed the book from my sister and the book mark she had with it. The book mark was a hook that you would put down the spine of the book and hanging out of the back of the cover was some cute bead work. I haven't known where to pick up the hook to make my own but I found another example and was finally able to make my own.

It even looks nice hanging there!!

Details. They are so much fun!!!

01 July 2010

'They' were right ~ so far

I have started the last book in the Twilight series Breaking Dawn. So far everyone is right, it is the best of the series. I have just read the first of the book so far, I'm to the point where Jacob has seen Bella on the Cullen's sofa like death warmed over. Already there has been so much going on. My attention is finally captured again like it was with Twilight it and I have had to remind myself to walk away and get other stuff done for the day. I'm excited to see how this one continues on ~ please no spoilers!!! The unfortunate thing is that I will have to wait until the end of next year for the movie(s) to come out.

Oh wait now that I think about it, I have gotten to the point where Sam has decided that they, the pack, will do whatever it takes to destroy the baby. How could I have forgotten that part?

We are having tons of people over for the 4th, but we are doing our festivities on the 3rd, so I am going to have to keep the book on my shelf so I can clean and get everything ready for this weekend. Happy 4th of July to all of you!!


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