24 February 2014

Sheperd's Hook Beaded Bookmark

The other weekend I got a crazy craft bug and spent every night working on a number of projects. Nothing too grand, just some things I had been wanting to work on. One was a beaded bookmark using a sheperd's hook.

I was not going to do a tutorial but then got to thinking a couple of tips would be nice to share.

First thing is first.....get all your supplies out and ready.
Sheperd's hook {I found mine a Michael's in the beading section}
Beading supplies of choice
Wire cutters
Metal disk
Metal alphabet stamp set
Acrylic coating

I like the simple look so I only used a few beads. Then hammered a word into the metal disk using my metal stamp kit.

The reason for the stain is to help the lettering stand out more. Take a piece of paper towel or rag and dip it into the stain. Use the rag to help the stain seep into all the spaces of the letters. Let the stain set for just a few minutes then wipe the excess off the metal disk. Be sure not to rub  to hard because the rag/paper towel will soak up the stain in the letters.

Once the extra stain is wiped off use the acrylic spray to and place a coat on the front of your metal disk. This will help the stain stay in place and creates a really nice finish.

If you prefer, stamping the metal disk, staining it and applying the clear acrylic can be done first before attaching it to the bookmark.

It is super simple and I love how it turned out. Be sure to leave me a link or send me a photo if you make one. I would love to see what you come up with.


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