30 June 2011

Eclipse . . . Finally done with it!!

Well since we moved in January I miss placed my book and didn't find it {in the most random box} until just two weeks ago. I finished it a couple of days after that. I needed to know how it was going to end but I really didn't need that final book to be so long. From the point where I picked up Alison had left and no one could figure out why, other than to save herself from the ensuing destruction that was coming.

Oh could Bella complain any more?? I almost really don't think she could. From the time I picked up the book a couple weeks ago and started from where I had left off, she has done nothing but whine and complain. Wow is her!! I couldn't stand it, but from all the self pity and worry I had to read on to see how this epic fight was going to be carried out in the end.

Then . . . NOTHING!!! With everyone and their mind games and powers, everyone just stood around chatting. VERY anti climatic!!! A bit disappointed in how the series ends. I have heard some say they like the series because of the love and devotion that they have towards each other but it reminds me of 'The Bachlor' or other reality TV shows where someone is supposed to find true love in completely non-real world settings. Are you kidding me!!! There is no responsibility and you don't ever get to see that person in their own real life element . . . but that is a post for another day, I could go on and on.

Over all, I think the first book was the best and the series just went down hill. Will I keep the books, Yes . . . my husband bought them for me and maybe I'll try reading them again and not spreading it out over such a long period, maybe that will help them be a bit better. Will I let me daughter read them . . . only if I feel she has a great grasp on what is real and what isn't. While I have seen it work out many times, my parents in fact, I don't want her to think she needs to find true love in high school.

My Sister really likes the Harry Potter Series. She says there is so much that is left out in the movies and I have heard that in the final book, during their epic fight, there really is a fight and Rowling isn't affraid to kill anyone off. But I have also heard from others that it almost goes to the other extreme, that too many main characters whom we have spent the last 6 books getting to know and love, end dying in the end. I wonder how far I could get in those before we move again in 6 weeks.


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