21 March 2013

Pirates, Ghosts, and Coastal Lore

While out on vacation one thing we like to collect are books about the area. We love to read about the history and things that make the area unique, it is also a great way to get ideas about what else to go see.

We recently got back from a trip to the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. While at the Wright Brothers National Park and Museum we picked up a couple of books: 'Pirates, Ghosts, and Coastal Lore: the Best of Judge Whedbee' by Charles Harry Whedbee. I was also so excited to start Lady A's Vacation Book Collection for her too and got 'First Flight: the Story of the Wright Brothers' by Caryn Jenner.

On our drive home we read some of the tales about the OBX area. Even though I am not done with all the stories about the Coastal Lore I have so enjoyed this book. Being from the west, most places have/are just celebrating their 100 year or 150 year 'birthday.' Reading these stories about stuff that has happened so much as twice as long ago has been fun. These are stories I have heard about, maybe a little, but know they seem so much more real having been to the OBX myself.

Charles Harry Whedbee is a great story teller. As I am reading through his tales I can hear my Grandpas voice in my head. He has some of the most amazing stories to tell from his childhood and is a fantastic story teller, it's like I am right there with him experiencing it all and Judge Whedbee has that same talent fro bringing you right into the story with him.

It might be some time before I am ready to let Lady A handle her book alone but for now I will read it to her. It is part of the readers program and is a level 4: proficient readers, she is 18 months so it will be a while but we will read over it and learn about the history together. The book is an easy read with great illustrations and photos.The content is of the history and process behind the Wright Brothers first flight. Pages are laid out to give informative facts that go along with the story and it is all done in a manor to keep the young reader engaged.

Be sure to check out my book shelf off to the right to see what I am reading now. Please feel free to leave suggestions for my next great read.


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