16 June 2013

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

We are done with the Chamber of Secrets. Wow! Such a good book and just like the last one, there were a bunch of story lines that were left out.

One thing I always wondered about, while watching the movies, was if there could be such a thing as a muggle, from magical parents could there come kids who are not magical? Where there are so many characters in the movies who are involved through the whole series, there is even more going on in the books. Longbottom and XXX are more involved in the story line which is great. Many of the other friends are more involved and even have their own little sub stories going on. I have a feeling that Persley Wessley will play a lot more of a role in the books than he did in the movies and I'm excited to see what develops with him.

While reading, I am glad there is still a lot left to the imagination. This book helps to fill in the timeline for the full school year. In the movie, certain events seem to happen in a day or two, as they unfold in the book, there is so much more detail and events take time to unfold.

For the next book {they are getting longer} I will have to keep notes because there really are so many good things that I would like to share but by the time I finish and sit down to write my review, it seems to have all escaped. Trust me, my next review will be a bit more detailed...I guess the good news is that I haven't really put any spoilers in here. ;)

06 June 2013

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Paul and I have decided that this summer we would like to read the Harry Potter Series. My sister loves both the books and movies, she has read/watched them a number of times. So we thought we would read them and see what we were missing.

Am I glad we did. This first book was great. There were some things that I was surprised were not in the movie, others that would have given the movie a different feel but all together I really liked it. There were more students involved in the book, for instance, Neville plays a much bigger part, which I enjoyed but he was also a bit more of a wimp. It also seemed that Harry enjoyed his new found fame more when he went to Hogwarts and him and Ron were a more rough around the edges {all the fame had gone to their heads}.

The parts of the story that were left out of the film, due to time or creative license, were great. For example, the bit with Hagrid's dragon took on a whole story of it's own


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