16 June 2010

It's finally done!!!!

Oh my goodness! I do not know what to say about Eclipse other than I am glad that it is over! The first half she is complaining about being grounded and how hard life is. The middle was all about her self-inflicted torment between her love for Edward and Jacob, then her constant complaining about how it should be her that will die and is put in harms way. The very "climatic" part of the story was leaving a bit to be desired ~ it was a bit anti-climatic. For being the longest of the first three books it was so drawn out and I felt like there was a lot less story there, just fluff and text to fill up space. In the last few chapters of the book the whole thing was resolved and done ~ and I couldn't be more excited.

Now I'm on to Braking Dawn. Already in the first couple of chapters I am so much more enthralled. Bella is still a bit of a whiner but the context so far is so much more captivating and her writing style has cleaned up a bit to not distract from the story.

01 June 2010

Picking Up

As you all know I am still reading the Twilight series. I have had the hardest time with the third book, Eclipse. This thing was dragging on and on. Finally there was life given to the story when Jake came and took Bella from school, then it died down again. Then it picked up when she came home and found that someone or something, had been snooping around in her bed room, then it died down again. So many people I have talked to said that this was their favorite book. Well I'm half way through it and so far, I would have to say it is my least favorite. Even if it were to pick up again and keep me on the edge of my seat, the best I could give it is two and a half stars, cause only half the book would be worth it. But the movie comes out at the end of this month so I need to keep going with it. I have to finish the book before I see the movie, but in this case I really hope the movie has more life to it than the book.


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