07 August 2013

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

For how much I liked the movie, the book captured me even more. There are so many side stories that really do fill in the blanks and there are entire characters that were left out of the movies. Little things were changed like who said what and relationships are explained/explored a lot more. For example the book takes a lot longer to get Harry to the Village and Hermione isn't there. I also enjoyed the deeper relationship that is developed between Buckbeck and Hagrid. So much of the story line was condensed in the movie {which I didn't mind} but now reading the book after seeing the movie, well it's not a whole different story, but there is so much added to the story that keeps me going back. The book ended similar to the movie but the order of some of the events does change quite a bit.

A couple of things I really enjoyed from the book is that Sirius Black has much more of a presence and the his partnership with Crookshanks and Scabers is defined a lot more. It gives them more than just the honorable mention that it feels like in the movie. I like the beginning of the book better too, how Harry finds out about Sirius' escape, his birthday gifts from his friends and Aunt Marge. The pocket sneaker scope was a great addition and even though I knew how the storyline was going to be ever-all, it was one of those things left out of the movie that added a different twist to the underlying storyline of the book.

One thing that I think they could have played up more in the movie was just how much Draco really does despise Harry. It seems in this book more than the past ones, Draco has it out for Harry and wants to bring him down any way possible.

My only complaint is that I like the personality of Hermione better in the movie than the book. When we are first introduced to Hermione in the movies she is a bit of a know-it-all brat but her character softens up really fast. In the book she is still a bit of a whiny, bossy, know-it-all while Ron has a bit more smarts than the movie leads onto. He and Harry are the ones who come up with some of the clever ideas that it seems only Hermione can come to in the movies.

Overall, I thought the book was great and really enjoy reading all those parts left out of the movie. There was enough left out that reading the book {especially as the series goes on} is still really enjoyable and there is quite a bit left to the imagination.

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