19 October 2010

Out of Jacob's Head...Thank Goodness!!

It's finally here. I am at the half way mark and the book is back to Bella's voice.

Jacob's head was a very depressing place to be.
His life is terrible, he's going to run away his group of friends has split, his first love wants to belong to a group that are his mortal enemies.

I'm glad that it is back to Bella's voice, Stephanie seems to be able to write better from Bella's perspective. Now that the baby is finally born I am kind of curious what kind of turn the story is going to take now. In my mind there is so much more to cover about other loose ends and the first half of the book {Jacob's part} could have been A LOT shorter. Well, I'll continue going to the gym and reading as I'm on the treadmill. Time really does go by faster on the treadmill when you have something else to help occupy the time and I'm all about multitasking.

07 October 2010

A New Determination!!!

WOW!! I have been slacking. Looking at this blog I have realized how long it has been since I added anything here. The main reason for that is I haven't been reading my book. I really need to finish this book but it is being a difficult one as well. It is completely obvious that she didn't have her editor go over this book and help tighten it all up. I have already read about a third of the book but all that has happened is that Jacob figured that the baby needed to be fed blood so that it would stop attacking Bella. I mean everything that has gone on so far could have all been told in just a few chapters.

Well I just need to finish it and move on. I am making a new resolve to finish the book. I also haven't been as diligent in my exercise routine as I would like. The in-laws have decided that they want to do family photos some time this month {it will most likely have to be the end of the month because everyone has so much going on}. So my new resolve is to loose 10lbs. by the time we do family pictures and finish the last book in the Twilight Series.


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