21 January 2010

Bella's Birthday Party

I didn't read to much last night, my eyes were closing too fast. But As I was reading I couldn't help but think about how the movie for New Moon would compare to the book. Mostly the book has talked about how much Bella does not want to be older than Edward and her birthday party that the Cullens are giving her. Is the movie going to portray her disdain for her 'black' birthday? Will it portray how much restrain it takes for them to not get too involved in a simple kiss?

It's killing me but I really do want to finish the book before I watch the movie. Because I am not a speed reader...I will need to read fast and often.

What are some of your thoughts about the movie...?
Try not to give too much away, but were they able to portray the conflicting emotion between Edward and Bella better than last time? He hates the monster he is and she wants to become one. A life is at risk but common sense is put aside to fulfill their sense of belonging with one another even though they know that they will not be able to remain with each other if things stay the way they are. Was the story that we all read and liked so much followed more closely or was it condensed again?

20 January 2010

Finally Done

Well....I finally finished Twilight this morning and started New Moon. I am really excited for a change. Cold...stone...cold...granite...cold...come on, branch out. Even one chapter into New Moon I can tell that her writing technique improved. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the story line. It takes us all back to being young and finding love. The intense and timed emotions that went with it all. Exploring and learning about ALL the emotions and roller-coaster that goes with finding love. But honestly, I feel like 50-75 pages could have been cut from the book if Edwards chilled perfection didn't have to be described every time he came onto the scene.

There is always a difference between the book and the same story being told on the big screen. Having just finished reading the book again and recalling the movie there is so much that was left out. For intense, Alice, her past and how she became a vampire. Never brought up in the movie but as it turns out James was the one who turned her. I also think they lost some of the intensity of the relationship between Edward and Bella that took place in the first half of the book. There was so much more drama between the two of them before they got together. The part from the book that I really would of liked to have seen in the movie was the Saturday trip, the first time Edward showed Bella what he looked like in the sun and their first kiss ~ I really didn't like how those topics were addressed in the movie.

Once I get done with New Moon I will be able to watch the movie and decide if all the hype was really worth it. I have heard from people on both sides, those who really liked it and those who were really disappointed in the way the story was changed to put it in the theatre.

Stay tuned...

19 January 2010

Making A Schedual

I have found that the hardest part of my new goal, to read all the books I have been collecting over the past few years, is finding/making the time time to sit down and read. My husband and I have come up with a routine so that both of us can get some reading in. It always seems to be easier to get into a habit when there is someone else there who will do it with you ~ for me anyways. Now I just need to find someone to go to the gym with me. I got the pass but it is not doing me any good just hanging on my key chain ;).

I have restarted Twilight, again, last time I could not get into it and so much time has passed that I figured I would just start over again. Since it has been such a long time since I read to first two books in the series I have forgotten how different the books are from the movies ~ at least the first one. I have yet to watch the second movie but I told myself that I could not go and see the movies until I finished reading the books. Even though books are always better than the movies it is harder for me to want to read a book when I have seen the movie or could just watch it in an hour and half instead of making the time to read.


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